New York State Article 19-A Form Pre-Fills Module

A-Suite now streamlines the process of filling out NYS 19-A forms by printing them with pre-filled information, making it easier to remain compliant while still capturing wet signatures.

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New York States 19-A regulations still require a wet signed paper original be kept on file. These forms ask the same information multiple times. Prefilling saves both you and the driver time and ensures accuracy.

With our latest update, you can pre-fill NYS 19-A forms with ease, saving you time and effort while still capturing wet signatures. Our goal is always to be “zero paper,” but we recognize some states still require hard copies. This module let’s you capture the efficiencies of a digital world while still ensuring that you satisfy the requirements.

Here's a quick rundown of how to use this new feature:

  1. Toggle the "Operates Busses in the State of New York" to Yes: Simply go to the Configuration Menu > Company Settings > Article 19-A and select yes under "Operates Busses in the State of New York." This will activate the enhanced 19-A form functionality, create record types with each of the available NYS forms, and allow you to add your carrier information (step 2 below).
  2. Enter 19-A Company Information: After enabling, you have the option have the option to fill in the necessary 19-A company details like 19-A Contact Person, 19-A Company ID, DBA, etc.. This information will be automatically included in your 19-A form packets, saving you the time and hassle of hand filling each time. You also have the option within this configuration screen to add as many entities, DBAs, or DOT Numbers as you need.
  3. Generate 19-A Prefilled Form Packets with a Click: Whenever you need to create a 19-A form packet, navigate to the driver's profile, click the More Actions Menu > Actions > Download 19-A Paper Forms. Select your desired carrier, the relevant 19-A forms, and press print. The forms will be pre-filled with the company information you provided, making the entire process seamless.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What forms are currently supported? 


Article 19-A Bus Driver's Blood Pressure Follow-up By Driver's Health Care Provider


Article 19-A Bus Driver's Diabetic Certification


Article 19-A Bus Driver Application


Carrier's Annual Review of Employee's Driving Record Under Article 19-A


Report on Annual Defensive Driving Performance for Driver Under Article 19-A


Medical Examination Report of Driver Under Article 19-A


Supplement to Medical Examination Report of Driver Under Article 19-A


Article 19-A Biennial Behind the Wheel Road Test


Article 19-A Biennial Oral/Written Examination


Article 19-A Oral/Written Examination Results


Medical Examination Report Form


NYSED School Bus Driver Physical Performance Test

What does it cost? 


Can I prefill my company information?

Yes - navigate to Configuration Menu > Company Settings > Article 19-A and enter the requested information. 

Can I have multiple brands/company names listed for pre-filling? 

Yes - in Configuration Menu > Company Settings > Article 19-A you’ll be presented with a drop down each time you create a 19-A form packet. 

What if I don’t have the data in A-Suite? 

No worries - those fields just won’t be pre-filled when you press print.

Can I choose which 19-A forms to print? 

Yes - each time you create a form packet you have the option. We default the check boxes to your last selected options. 

Can I choose between the DS-874 and the MCSA-5875 health forms?


Why are some of my fields blank?

We pre-fill driver information with data already available in A-Suite. If a driver’s A-Suite profile is not complete, we simply skip that section 

Why is driver history not included? 

We didn't include driver history because our customers showed they were handling cases with more than 3 roles differently. The New York State form only has 3 lines for driver employment history, but sometimes drivers have more than three roles to add. Leaving this section blank allows you to handle as you feel is most appropriate.

How do I store the documents after collecting the wet signature?

After collecting the documents, scan and upload them just like you would with any other record. When you toggle the 19-A module on, we create the 19-A forms in your instance by default. 

Can I pre-fill my instructor information? 

Not yet - we understand some companies have several team members qualified to administer 19-A tests and that it’s not always possible to predict who will be completing the paperwork. As schedules can be fluid, we leave these fields blank so you don’t have to constantly print new versions for the right examiner. 

Can I pre-fill vehicle information? 

Not yet, but we are looking into supporting this. If you are interested, would you drop your CSM a line and let us know.

The 19-A set a bunch for forms up by default I don’t need, can I remove those from my list of options? 

No - However, when creating new packet, the 19-A forms your previously selected are checked by default.