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Reports In A-Suite

A-Suite has introduced a brand new tool for users to access a comprehensive list of day-to-day metrics. This feature is called Reports. This article will go over several reporting functions that are available to every company that uses A-Suite, and you can also request custom reports that our engineering team can create just for you.

To access the Reports function, move over to the side navigation menu, and choose “Reports”, represented by a Printer icon. 

There are three types of reports: Interactive, Download, and Custom. Interactive reports are clickable within A-Suite; Downloadable reports will save a spreadsheet to your computer, and Custom reports can be created for you by our development team.

Interactive Reports

First, we will look at Interactive reports. These reports help you navigate to your candidate, and employee profiles within A-Suite. 

As an example, we’ll show you “Candidates By Stage”. Click this report, and you will see a list of stages with a number next to them. If you double-click any of these stages, you will see a corresponding list of candidates. From this list, you can double-click an individual’s name to see their profile.

To return to the report to view another candidate or to view another stage, X out the tabs at the top of the screen.

Downloadable Reports

Downloadable reports are static, and provide you with a spreadsheet that downloads to your computer. To download a report, simply hover over Reports, Download, and Click the report. A download dialogue box will open, and once you save the file, you can view it in Excel or other spreadsheet viewing software.

Custom Reports

 Don't see what you are looking for either in downloadable or interactive? Contact your CS Manager who will be able to review this custom report process more in depth.