Saved Views inside Browsers

Tailor your A-Suite to show the data that is most important to you using saved views.

Saved Views are a great way to tailor A-Suite to show exactly the information you need to see and filter out the rest. Saved views are available in the Candidate Browser, Team Member Browser, Records Browser (Company wide and inside individual profiles), and in all five categories of the Compliance Dashboard. In this article, we will review: 

1. How to Create A Saved View

2. How to Access Saved Views

3. Additional Actions on Saved Views

1. Creating A Saved View:

To create a new saved view, navigate to the browser of your choice. Next, customize your view by taking any of the following steps:

  1. Click on the individual filter icons by the column headers and filter the data you want to see

  2. Reorder columns by clicking on and dragging your columns left or right
  3. Hide or bring in to view data columns by clicking into a column header and selecting the columns that are shown and hidden from the drop down menu. 

Next, save the view that you have created by clicking the Saved Views icon at the top of the page. 

Then, click into Add New View.

The dialog box that opens will prompt you to give your Saved View a name. Select Save. 

*You have the ability to choose a DEFAULT view that will load automatically every time you access this browser.

2. Accessing A Saved View:

To load a saved view in one of your Browsers, navigate to the browser where it was created.

In the top portion of your screen, select the Saved Views icon. A drop-down menu will appear that will show all of your saved views. Select your view from the list and click it.

3. Additional Options for Saved Views:

There are 4 additional options you have once a Saved View is added to your Browser.

  • Revert a View - Remove ALL changes made to this view and REVERT back to the original state of this Saved View.
  • Update View - Once you have loaded and made changes to this view, you will need to UPDATE for future use by clicking Update View.
  • Set at Default View - This allows you to Set and switch what you have chosen as your default view. Default views will open automatically when opening each browser.
  • Share View - Turn this option on to allow other users to load and save your view as their own.

  • *All shared Saved Views are available for any other Admin/Recruiter/Manager who has access to the designated Browser

    *Editing a Shared VIew that YOU are the owner of, will update the saved view for ALL users using that saved view as well.

    *By loading a shared view, and then choosing to Save View and rename, this will allow you to use the original shared view, but make your own changes and save. Once you have resaved as your own view, your changes will not affect any other users.

If you do not have access to any of these features, reach out to or your supervisor to request access to these A-Suite features.