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Saved Views

Tailor your A-Suite to show the data that is most important to you using saved views.

Saved Views are a great way to tailor A-Suite to show exactly the information you need to see and filter out the rest. Saved views are available in the Recruiting Dashboard, the Browser Pages and in all five categories of the Compliance Dashboard. 

Creating A Saved View

To create a new saved view, navigate to the browser of your choice. Next, customize your view by doing any of the following steps:

  1. Right-clicking column headers and setting columns to either visible or invisible
  2. Reordering columns by dragging your columns left or right
  3. Filtering columns to show specific values

Next, save the view that you have created by clicking the Configure Saved View button, represented by an eye icon.

The dialog box that opens will ask you to give your Saved View a name, choose the default column to sort by, if you want to freeze a certain number of columns from scrolling, and if you want to make any additional changes to your visible columns. Once you have made all your changes and selections, click "Save".

Saved Views will only work in the browser you are currently working in. You cannot, for example, create a Saved View in the Employees Browser and pull it up in the Candidates Browser.

Accessing Your Saved Views

To load a saved view in one of your Browsers, navigate to the browser where it was created. In the top menu, choose the dropdown menu that says "Choose Saved View" in placeholder text. Select your view from the list, and click it.

Now, all your columns, filters, and sort preferences will be loaded.