SMS Text Message Templates

How to create, edit, and use SMS Text Message Templates


Within A-Suite's Mass Text Message feature, you have the ability to set up templates to use for messages that you send frequently.

Note that templates cannot be used when sending a text message to an individual Candidate or Team Member.

Who Can Create Templates?

In order to create SMS Templates, users/admins must have the create_sms_templates right, shown below:

You can learn more about this concept in our articles on assigning rights to groups and individuals.

Creating An SMS Template

To create your templates, navigate to the side menu, hover over Configuration, and click SMS Templates. You will be shown a browser window showing your created templates which will be blank if nobody at your company has created any yet.

You can also create templates on-the-fly from the Mass SMS dialog box. Clicking the Create New button will open the creation dialog box directly.

From the browser, Click the green Add New SMS Template button at the top of the window. In the dialog box that opens, give your new template a Name and Description, and then type your message in the text area below.

You can personalize your templates by inserting Variable Fields such as the recipient's first name, last name, address, and many more.

Once you have completed your message, click Save SMS Template. Your new template will be saved, and it will now appear in the SMS Templates list as well as the Template drop-down menu in the Mass Text Messages action.

Editing An SMS Template

To edit an existing SMS Template, simply click its name within the template list. Make any changes, and then click Save.

Using an SMS Template

Once you have one or more SMS Templates created, you can use them when sending mass text messages. To do so, simply choose your template from the drop-down menu.

The message will populate in the text area below. You can make additional edits to the template if you would like.

Once you are satisfied with the message, click Send All, and the messages will be delivered.