Adding a New Learning Path 🎥

A Learning Path is a great way to create a safety campaign that automatically assigns courses to your employees over the course of a year. The A-Fleet and Safety Tune-Ups provide enough content for 1-2 years worth of material.


You will first need to log in and using the primary navigation menu on the left-hand side of the navigation bar, click  "Courses". 

In the middle of this page under the search bar, you will see "Learning Paths"

Click here to navigate to the Learning Path page.



On the right hand side of your screen, under your name you will see the "Add New L. Path" box. Select this box.



This will navigate you to a new page allowing you to create your "Learning Path Name".

Create a name that describes your Learning Path and use the Keyword box for any further description details. You will need to select Save in the bottom right corner of your page.

This will then navigate you to your main page for the Learning Path you have just created.



Here, you can:

  • Add courses
  • Set the order and create due dates for each course
  • Enroll learners
  • Add descriptions

Currently, your Learning path is a DRAFT, so you must PUBLISH it before it can be used by learners. To do this you must add courses.


Adding Courses to your Learning Path

The final step to creating your Learning path is to add courses.

This can be done on your Learning Path page by choosing the "Courses" box in the middle of your screen, or by choosing the "Actions" box in the right hand corner. 



  • You must add courses to your Learning Path before it can be published, and become available to learners. 

Once your courses are chosen and any other details are added to your Learning Path, you now are able to "Publish Path".


This can be done by choosing the "ACTIONS" box on the right hand side of your screen, under your name.




Love safe drivers!