Creating Groups 🎥

You can create Groups of users in your portal. A common example of a group is “accident” and each user who was involved in an accident can simply be assigned to that group and all classes in the group will be automatically assigned to that user.


To create and manage groups in your portal, login to your portal and select "Groups" from the primary navigation menu.



Creating a group

To create a new Group on your portal:

  • Click "Add group" ​ on the top-right of the page




  • Give your group a name and a description



  • Click "Save" in the lower right of the screen




Adding Learners to a Group

Once your group has been created, you can add users to your group. To do this:

  • Select the "Users" tab near the top of the screen:



  • Click "Add User" from the top-right of the page



  • Enter your users email address in the text box provided



  • Select your user
  • Click "Add to Group"

Useful tip: If your user does not exist on your portal yet, they will be sent an invite to join the group. You can see these users in the "Pending Users" section of your group until they accept their invitation.


Adding Courses to a Group

To add courses to a group, you need to first navatage to the enrollments tab:



On the enrollments page, you can select one or all courses pertinent to this group. And then click “Switch to Group” in the upper right:




Then select the group. Click enroll in the bottom right of the screen. Now all users in the group will be enrolled in the courses you selected: