The Team Member Browser

This browser holds your team member's information and records

In this article, we will review how to: 

1. View a Team Member's Peek View and Compliance Badges
2. View a Team Member's Profile and Records Browser


There are many similarities between the candidate and team member browser, but with the team members, you are able to keep up to date with the records and compliance of your current team members. 


1. How to View a Team Member's Peek View and Compliance Badges

Once you click into a team member's line item, you are presented with his or her peek view where you can view notes, files and profile information. Your are also presented with compliance badges for that team member as well.

In this example Ringo is listed as Do Not Dispatch, has 2 failed records and 1 missing record. Click into those badges to be presented with further data related to the team member. 

2. How to View a Team Member's Records

Once in peek view, click on the focus icon to be presented with the team member's user profile and records browser:


This user profile view will show you the records browser for the team member.