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Configuring Your System Notifications

How to set up notifications when candidates make moves in A-Suite.

A-Suite allows managers to receive notifications when changes are made in the system. For example, you opt -in to receive a notification when a candidate is hired, or a background check is completed.

Here's how to setup your notifications so you can stay on top of your candidates and team members.

Click on the Account Settings icon in the upper right hand corner of your A-Suite. 

Select the "Configure System Notifications" option from the dropdown menu.

From there you'll see a list of options that you can toggle on and off, depending on your preference for email or text message notifications.

You can also opt in to notifications upon the creation of certain Record Types within your A-Suite. For example, you can opt in to email notifications if a background screening or a drug and alcohol limited consent record is created. 

When you're done configuring, just click save and you'll now receive notifications each time a change is made to the options you selected.