User Profile Page Overview

This is a video overview of the different items in the profile of an Employee/Driver/User

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The User Profile page is where you'll find all information relating to a specific user in your A-Suite account. Profiles are divided into two panels: The left panel that contains user information, unassociated files, and notes; and the right (main) panel that shows records, applications, correspondence, and other details.

Left Panel

On the left side of your screen, there are four tabs with basic user information, license info and additional contact details, unassociated files, and notes. Here, you will also find your action buttons in the top blue bar.

Profile Tab

The tab that will be open by default when you enter a user's profile is the Profile tab. Here, you will see the user's name, employment status, and all of their contact information and basic details.

The badges underneath the user's name show:

  • Number of open applications
  • Number of missing records
  • Number of failed records
  • Number of pending forms
  • Potential duplicates

If you hover over each of these badges, you can see more information, such as which applications are underway, which records are missing, and so on.

To the left of the phone number and email address are icons that indicate whether or not a user has opted into or out of mass text messages and emails. If they have opted in, the icon will appear green; if they have opted out, it will be red; and if they have not yet specified, the icons will be gray. If they are gray, you can still send them a message or email.

To the right of the phone number and email address, the blue buttons are clickable and will allow you to send the user a text message or email.

Underneath the profile information you will see Tags that you have applied to the user. You can add new tags by clicking the blue plus sign button and selecting them from the list that appears.

Finally, at the bottom you will find your Custom Fields. Depending on your preferences, you will see a number of custom fields right here.

You can edit the information within this tab by clicking the Pencil icon in the top right corner of the tab.

Additional Information Tab

The second tab is the Additional Information tab. Here you will find the user's drivers license information and secondary contact information if they have provided it. The user's profile image will appear here within the stylized drivers license. Again, you can edit this section by clicking the Pencil icon in the top right corner.

Unassociated Files Tab

Third is the Unassociated Files tab. You can upload files to this tab by clicking the Upload button and selecting the desired file through your file explorer system.

Files sent through a text message will also appear here.

From here, you can drag and drop an unassociated file to complete recruiting tasks or to associate them with records that need a new or updated attachment.

Notes Tab

The fourth tab is the Notes tab. Here you will see all of your notes in order from newest (top) to oldest (bottom). You can create a note using the Create button.

Action Buttons

The blue bar at the top contains the action buttons where you can perform various functions.

First, the Actions button is represented by a person and gear; from this menu you can change the user's password, delete the user, enable or disable their ability to log in, enroll in training courses, merge with another/a duplicate user profile, send a welcome email, terminate the employee, or view their background checks. The options in this menu depend on if the user is a lead, a candidate, or an employee.

The Create button is represented by a plus sign. From here, you can create a new application for the user, send them a form request, create a note, create a record, create a todo item, start a new background check, send a text message, send an email, or send an email to their manager.

Finally, the Refresh button will apply any updates or changes you have made to any part of the profile.

The entire left panel is collapsible so that you can view the main window in a larger area. To collapse the left panel, click the arrow in the top right corner:

Right Panel

In the larger panel on the right, you will see a user's Records tab by default, and if they are a candidate, the Applications tab will be open as well. The button in the top left of the panel shows the other tabs that you can open in this area: Text Messages, Emails, Change History, and Lead Sources.

A Record is any document or file associated with your User.

These will include Recruiting documents, like an Application, Background Check or Interview Document; New Hire Paperwork, and Driver Qualification Files.

Each time you open a New Record in your User's Records Browser, it will open up a tab so you can shuffle from one Record to the other without opening and closing additional tabs.

At the top of your screen, you'll see the list of User Profiles you currently have open. You can open as many Users as you'd like, just remember to click the Dropdown toggle to find one that may not be currently on screen.