Form Packets

What are Form Packets and how do I create and send them?

What are Form Packets? A form is a digital document that you can send to leads, candidates or team members or add to a workflow. Form packets enable a user to send multiple forms together at one time via email or text. 

This method of communication can save time and increase the productivity of hiring teams, leads, candidates and team members. 

How to Create and Send Form Packets: On the Configuration icon in the Navigation Menu, there is a new link below Forms, titled Form Packets. 

Form Packets KB 1

The user can select "Form Packets" and then select "Add New Form Packet," or choose from an existing Form Packet. In the example shown below, a new form packet will be created by clicking, “Add New Form Packet,” with the title being set as Mass Communication Consent.

From there, the user can add the Forms that will comprise the Form Packet. In this instance, “Electronic Communication Consent" form and "Phone Communication Consent"  are selected. 

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Once saved, the user has the ability to send this Form Packet to a recipient via email or text. On the recipient’s user profile, select the Create Icon and select “Form Packet Request.” 

Once the user selects the Form Packet to send, he or she can assign a requester, an assignee, and a due date for the packet. The user can then determine how to send this packet, via email or SMS, and the user will also be given an option to add a message to the recipient.

The recipient will then have 72 hours to select the link, and fill out the Form Packet without having to log into A-Suite. If the recipient takes longer than 72 hours, he or she will have to log in A-Suite to complete the Form Packet. 

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In A-Suite, the user can check the status to see if and when the recipient completed the forms by clicking on "Browse" > "Form Packet Requests." There would be a list of the users to whom Form Packets were sent, and the options to check on Active, Needs Cosigned (in the instance of a dual signature form), Completed, or Expired Form Packet Requests.

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The user also has the option to configure a system notification to receive an email when Form Packets are completed. 

Who Can Send Form Packets?

If you have the rights to create and send Forms in A-Suite, you have the ability to create Form Packets.