A-Suite Comply Forms

4.28_Comply Forms

A-Suite's Comply Forms feature allows you to send an employee or a candidate an invitation to log in to A-Suite and fill out a form that is needed.

There are multiple ways to create a Comply Forms Request:

  1. Directly from an individual's profile
  2. The Employee Browser, Records Browser, and Candidates Browser

From an Individual's Profile

To create a comply forms request for one user, the easiest way is to navigate to that individual's profile, and click the Add button. Choose "Form Request", and the Comply Forms dialog box will open where you can specify which form, how it gets sent, and all other information required.

From the Employee, Records, and Candidates Browsers

If you would like to send a request to multiple users, the best way is to do so from one of either the Employee Browser, Records Browser, or Candidates Browser.

First, use the filters to determine who you want to send the form to. Then create a Task List by clicking the Check Box icon in the top menu bar. You can check or uncheck any of the listed items if you need to add or remove individuals from this request.

Once the Task List has been created, a new row of icons appear titled "Task List Actions". Choose the "Request Forms" icon, farthest to the right.

dialog_boxIn the dialog box that appears, first choose the form that you want to request. Next, choose the requester; this field will default to the user that is logged in, but can be changed if you want the communications to be directed to someone else. It is in this area that you may also see a Co-Signature field where you need to indicate who else needs to sign the form. This will only occur if the form fits that criterion.

Next, select a Due Date, which specifies when the recipient must fill out the form. After that date, the link to fill out the form will expire.

Now, choose how you want the form to be sent - either via email and/or SMS text message.

By default, there will be a standard message generated that indicates (1) the requested form, (2) who has requested it, and (3) the link that the recipient can click to fill out the form.  The bottom field allows you to add an additional message if desired.

Once you have finished your selections, click "Request," and the form request will be sent.

Tracking Form Requests

Now that you have sent a request, you can view and manage all of your form requests by navigating to Browse and clicking Comply Form Requests.


The window will show you all of the requests you have made along with the recipient's information, the due date, request date, and completed date. Clicking on one of the requests will open the Request and show you all pertinent information and the signature of the person that filled the form out.



The record will also appear in the user's profile (in the list of Records), and you can click the Open Profile button in the top right corner to view the user's profile.


Unsigning a Comply Form

If it becomes necessary to have a candidate or employee redo a Comply Form (e.g. if a previously unknown violation is discovered on an MVR, and a COV needs to be updated), you can accomplish this from the Browse > Comply Form Requests page.

First, view the completed forms by clicking "Completed" in the top right corner of the window.

Next, make the completed forms into a task list using the checkbox button.

Filter out or manually uncheck items until you have the Comply Form Request that you want to unsign and send another request for.

Finally, click the eraser button in the row of mass action buttons:

A dialog box will open prompting if you want to unsign cosignatures only and re-send the request. Check your desired boxes, and then click "Unsign All." The signature will be removed, and if chosen, the request will be re-sent by the same methods as the original request (text message, email. or both).