A-Suite Text Messages

Note: this article is about individual text messages. To learn about sending mass text messages, please see our Mass Text Messaging article.

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As text messaging has become a main method of communication for millions of people, so has its use in professional and recruiting settings. A-Suite's SMS (text) messaging feature is designed to look very similar to how it does on your standard smartphone.

Your account comes with one phone number for the company to send and receive messages, but if you have multiple administrators, recruiters, or managers that need their own text message channels, we can offer more phone numbers for your account that can be assigned to individuals.

There are a few ways to send, receive, and view text messages inside of A-Suite:

  1. From an Employee's/Candidate's Profile
  2. From Application Card View (Recruit > Card View)
  3. The Company Text Message Inbox
  4. Individual User Text Message Inbox(es)

Inside an Employee/Candidate Profile

To send a text message to a user, you can click the Create button and choose "Text", click the blue talk bubble next to their phone number, or you can open the Text Message Inbox by opening the tab in the large panel to the right.

When you click either of these buttons, all conversations that the employee/candidate has had will appear in a list to the left, and when you click a conversation, the messages will appear in the larger window on the right.

You can send a message using the fields at the bottom of the window. The "Send From" dropdown menu lets you choose a phone number to send from (if you have multiple accounts), and then you can enter your message in the field below. When the message is complete, click "Send".

Application Card View

When you are viewing applications in Card View (Home > Recruit > Card View), you can click the talk bubble next to an applicant's phone number to send a text message to that person. Remember that it must be a valid phone number capable of receiving SMS messages.

Company Text Message Inbox

To access your company-wide text message inbox, hover over the Browse icon, and click "Company Text Message Inbox".

On the left, you will see a list of conversations that have come from the company account; the sent and received messages will appear in the main area, and the message-sending form and button are at the bottom.

Note that if you send a message from an individual's profile, it will appear in this inbox only if you selected your company's number in the "Send From" dropdown menu.

Personal Text Messages

If your A-Suite plan includes phone numbers for multiple users, your personal text message inbox can be accessed by clicking the User Menu in the top right, and clicking "My Text Message Inbox".

The side panel displays a list of conversations from your account phone number, and clicking a conversation will display the messages in the main panel.

To send a message, fill out the message entry field and click "Send".

Note that if you send a message from an individual's profile, it will appear in this inbox only if you selected your personal number ("Me") in the "Send From" dropdown menu.

Adding a Greeting To Your Messages (Company Name - User Name)

If you would like to add a greeting at the beginning of your automated messages to tell the recipient who the message is coming from, this can be enabled by navigating to Configuration > Site Preferences, and the second option is "Use company greeting on all automated text messages?" In this dropdown menu, choose "On" to enable.

You can also enable the greeting message when manually sending text messages by using the check box above the "Send" button. This check box can be toggled on or off at any time, before or after typing your message.