Add/Edit New Locations


To manage your Locations within A-Suite, hover over Configure, Locations, and then click Locations. You will see a list of previously created locations appear in a browser window.
To Create a new location, click the "Add New Location" button at the top of your screen. In the dialog box that opens, fill out all required fields and any optional fields that you would like to include.

As of December 5, 2020, all new Locations will require an address, city, state, and ZIP code. Your previously created Locations will not be affected unless you edit them.

Edit a Location

To edit an existing location, simply click the name of the location in the Locations management screen. The edit location dialog box will open; make any changes you desire, and then click "Save Changes" to save.
You also have the option to open an existing location, make changes, and then save those changes as a new location. To do this, make your changes, and click the "Save New Location".
This feature saves you time spent doing data entry for locations that are similar but have minor differences.