Create/Edit Records

Videos on how to create and edit Records

Creating A Record:

2.4_Creating a Record_new

To create a Record in A-Suite, navigate down to the Action menu, below your Contact's Information Panel. Click the "Create" button, which is represented by a plus sign.

From the dropdown menu, choose "Record".

Select the type of Record you'd like to create in the Dropdown Panel.

In this instance, we'll be creating a CDL for our Driver Erin Norris. Choose "CDL," and then pick the expiration date. This date can be edited later if needed. Once you are ready, click "Create New."

The next step is to drag and drop the file into A-Suite. Drop the file into the area that says "Drop Files Here."

Next, fill out the appropriate Record Data. In this case, we will select the CDL Class and Endorsements.

Once you are finished with the Record Data, click "Save". Your new record will now appear in the "Records" area of the user's profile.

Editing a Record

To edit the record in A-Suite, just click the "Edit" button and fill in any of the information you wish to change. Here, we'll change the Class.

When you're done, always remember to click "Save" at the bottom.