User Profile Page Overview

This is a video overview of the different items in the profile of an Employee/Driver/User

Overview Video:

2.1_User Profile Overview

The User Profile page is where you'll find all information relating to that specific user in your A-Suite account.

On the left side of your screen, you'll see a list of Dropdown Panels starting with your User's Contact Information.

Here, you'll see all of your recorded data about the User, including their address, phone number or employee identification number. You'll also see if there are any Red Flags with his or her profile, like missing or expiring records.

Below that, you'll find an "All Requirements" panel, which indicates all required documents assigned to your User's Job.

Under All Requirements, you'll see a Dropdown Panel of Missing Records. These are the same missing records that are highlighted in the Contact Panel, but here you'll have the option to create a new Record for that specific type.

After that, you'll see an Unassociated Files panel. Unassociated Files are any file or document that haven't been organized into a Record type for your User.

Then you'll see the Notes Dropdown Panel under that. The Notes panel is a log of all changes, updates and Customizable Notes you've taken on a driver displayed in chronical order at the time of the action.

Under Notes, you'll see a Panel for SMS Messages. This is where you have the ability to view the custom Text Messages you've sent to your recruit or hire.

Finally, the last Dropdown you'll see is the Email Messages panel. Like SMS Messages, this is where you'll see all of your email communications you've had with your User.

On the right side of the User Profile, you'll see a window that displays a list of Records associated with that User.

A Record is any document or file associated with your User.

These will include Recruiting documents, like an Application, Background Check or Interview Document; New Hire Paperwork, and Driver Qualification Files.

Each time you open a New Record in your User's Records Browser, it will open up a window within the that area so you can shuffle from one Record to the other without opening and closing additional tabs.

At the top of your screen, you'll see the list of User Profiles you currently have open. You can open as many Users as you'd like, just remember to click the Dropdown toggle to find one that may not be currently on screen.

Under Associated Files, you'll find the Reminders Panel.

A reminder is a tool used to create automatic notes or tasks specific to a user.

The Background Check Panel is the place where you'll be able to order background screening products when Integrated with a your provider.