Deleting and Unassociating Attachments from a Record

Read about how to Delete and Unassociate an Attachment from a Record in the User Profile.

Overview Video:

In some instances you'll want to either Delete or Unassociate an Attachment from a Record.

Unassociating an Attachment - Does not permanently remove a file from your User's Account. It moves the Record to your Unassociated Files Dropdown Panel where you can use it for another record type.

Deleting an Attachment - Permanently removes the file from your User's Account.`

Deleting an Attachment Steps:

To Delete an Attachment, find the Record you're looking to make the change to in the User's Records Browser. Click on that Record and you'll see it open up in the Window Panel.

Hover over the Attachment you've associated with that Record and click either the X to Delete it, or the Two-Folder icon to Copy the Attachment to your Unassociated Files Folder.

Clicking on the X will delete your Attachment, where you'll have the final option to either Delete it Entirely, or, the option to Disassociate the Attachment and store it in your Unassociated Files Dropdown Panel.

Here, we'll delete it entirely.

Unassociating an Attachment Steps:

To Unassociate Your Attachment from the Record, simply click on the Two-Folder Icon and select "Create Copy".

Now, you'll see a copy of the Attachment in your Unassociated Files Panel, so you can Delete the Original Attachment without having to re-upload and Associate with a different Record type.