Download A Spreadsheet For Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Query

The Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse allows for batch uploading to submit query requests. From A-Suite, you can download a spreadsheet list of employees/candidates containing all of the required information that the Clearinghouse needs to run a query.

Before this function will work, you first need to make sure that each driver's "Drivers License" record meets a couple criteria. These settings can be changed by navigating to Configuration, Records, and then clicking Record Types. Open up your Drivers License or CDL record type, and click "Start Editing" to change the information.

  1. First, the Category selected must be "Drivers License".
  2. Second, a Custom Field should be added for the State. Choose "State" from the "Add Existing Field" dropdown menu.
  3. Lastly , you also need to add a Custom Field where the Drivers License Number is added to the record. The Label should read "Number" and the Type should be "Text Area (small)".
  4. Click "Save Changes" to complete this step.

When your record data is all filled in, now you can start the process of downloading the spreadsheet.

First, navigate to Browse > Team Members. In the Team Members Browser, make a Task List by clicking the check box icon.

Select the people that you want to include in your Clearinghouse query by checking the boxes next to their names.

Once everyone is selected, click the Drug and Alcohol Query button, denoted by a medical cross on a screen.

In the window that pops up, select the Query type. The most popular choice, Limited Query with Automatic Consent Request, will be prepopulated. To read more about the options, visit the Clearinghouse's website.

Finally, click "Create File." Your list will download as a .tsv file which can be viewed using Excel. Take this file and upload it to the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse website using their instructions.