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Emails in A-Suite

Your resource for all things Email in A-Suite, including setting up and using email templates, sending mass emails to groups, and sending one-off messages to individuals.

A-Suite offers you the ability to communicate with your drivers and employees in several ways, including via e-mail and text message.

This article will go over all of the ways you can send emails from within the software.

If you are interested in emailing a Form Request to an employee or candidate, please see our article on Form Requests.

The first step you should take is to set up your Email Categories and Email Templates. You can make email templates to make your communication faster, especially if you have messages that you send to many people frequently.

To start, hover over Configuration, and then Email. You will see two options: Categories and Templates.


Your email categories are a way to keep templates organized so that, if you have a long list of templates, you do not have to scroll through all of them every time you want to use one. To add a new category, simply click "Add New Category." In the dialog box that opens, type your category name, and click "Save New Category."

Examples of categories could include "New Hire Emails," "Company-wide Emails," "Onboarding," or anything you can think of.


Once you have your categories set up (don't worry, you can always add more later), you can add your email templates. Hover over Configuration, Emails, and click Templates. Click "Add New Template" at the top of the screen to create your first template.

In the dialog box that opens, give your template a Title, Description (if desired), the default Subject Line for the email, and assign it to a Category. Then you can use the rich text editor below to create your email template. You can personalize templates by inserting variable text placeholders. Examples include your recipient's name, contact information, manager's name, and many more.

Once your email template is complete, click "Save New Email Template".

Sending Emails

Now that you have your categories and templates set up, you can use these features to send emails. A-Suite allows you to send emails to individuals and groups in a few different ways:

  1. From a User Profile
  2. Using a Task List or Saved View

From A User Profile

To send an email to one particular user from their profile, simply click the "Messaging" action button represented by an envelope. Choose to email that person, or that person's manager.

From the email dialog box, you can CC other users, and choose from your email categories and templates to start, or write your own email message like you would in any other email client.

If you have a candidate who hasn't completed a particular recruiting task and you want to e-mail them a reminder, you can do so by right-clicking the recruiting task in question and choosing "Create Link To Task". The dialog box that opens will give you the option to send an email or text message with a link to complete the task.

A similar function can be performed using a Form Request.

Using a Task List

You can also send emails to certain employees or candidates using a Task List created in either the Employee or Candidate Browsers. To do this, first you will narrow the list using filters and categories along the top row of the display.

For more details on how to create a task list, view our article on Mass Actions.

Next, click the "Convert To Task List" button, represented by a check box. Finally, click the "Send Email..." button, represented by an envelope.

The email dialog box will open with all members of your task list entered into the Recipients list. Though you can see everyone that will receive the email, recipients will be Blind Copied, meaning they will not be able to see names of anyone else that is on the list; only themselves.

You can search other users and CC them on the email, choose from a category and template, or simply type your email from scratch.

You can perform this same process using a Saved View. To do so, simply load your Saved View from the dropdown menu, and follow the steps above.

Tracking Emails In A-Suite

You can see all emails sent from within A-Suite inside a user's profile. The Email Inbox tab, located in the main window of profile (on the right), will show all email messages sent from A-Suite in any capacity - manual, mass emails, or automated messages. If the user replies, however, the email message that they send will not appear in this panel; it will simply be sent to the sender's email address.