How to Set Up Referral Sources

A guide to setting up Referral Sources, and how to use them to guide your digital recruiting campaigns.

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4.15_How to Set Up Referral Sources

In A-Suite Recruit, you have the ability to set up and measure specific Referral Sources for a candidate when he or she applies for an open position.

A Referral Source is simply the original medium from which a recruit found your position and eventually applied through.

Sources like Facebook, Linked-In, and more all would be examples of Referral Sources applicable for a candidate, as seen in their User Profile.

Referral Sources are also used to guide your individual digital recruiting campaigns, where you can generate Unique Tracking Links for each source, thus empowering you to accurately track where your recruiting leads are coming from.

Here's how to set up your Referral Sources in your A-Suite Recruit account.

Setting Up Your Referral Sources

To set up a Referral Source, hover over to the side navigation bar to Configuration, Recruit, and click Referral Sources.

You'll now see either a blank screen, or, a list of pre-existing Referral Sources in your menu. To add a new source, click "Add New Referral Source."

Type in the Name of your source and now your Referral Source will be saved for later use.

Using Referral Sources to Run Recruiting Campaigns

Once you've created your Referral Sources, you'll now be able to generate Unique Tracking Links to use for your digital Recruiting Campaigns to track and measure which sources your applicants are finding you through.

Setting Up Unique Tracking Links

Unique Tracking Links are the key to accurately tracking and measuring how candidates find your position online.

Each of these links contain a unique code you'll use to tie a digital campaign to a position page.

When a visitor clicks that specific link, the code will automatically categorize the visit as a one of the media sources you've set up in the previous step.

To set up Unique Tracking Links for your digital recruiting campaigns, hover over to Configuration, Jobs Board Manager, Jobs Board.

Scroll all the way to the bottom to the Jobs Board Links section, and then click Add Hyperlink.

Select the Recruiter you'd like the application to be assigned to when filled out, then select the Media Source you'll be using the link for.

Type in a brief description of the link, like the date of the campaign, or the recruiting persona you're targeting and click "Create Link."

Creating a Digital Campaign Using Your Unique Tracking Link

Now that you've set up your Unique Tracking Link, login to your desired account for your recruiting campaign, set up the post you'd like to advertise, and paste in your link.

Now, each time a visitor clicks on that link, their Application will automatically be categorized as that Referral Source you've used.

Measuring Your Digital Recruiting Campaigns

Now that you've set up your individual recruiting campaigns using your Unique Tracking Links, you'll be able to drill down and measure the number of applicants that have found you through each of these media using the Advanced Filtering option in your Applications List.