Merging Records

How to Merge Records in A-Suite


To Merge Records in A-Suite, hover over to the side navigation menu to Users, Merge. You'll now see you have the option to merge your records by either social security number or email address.

To merge by email address, select Merge by Email

To merge by social security number, select the Merger by Social Security Number.

Now you'll see a dashboard to where you can select and merge all of your duplicate records.

To merge your record, simply click on the "Select All" button above the User's name. 

Now, select the "Merge Selected" button. 

Next, you'll see a list of all Properties that will be merged from your duplicate Users. 

Check the "Use" check box next to the data you'd like to pull into the Master, or most updated User Profile

Selecting the "Use As Master" will copy all of the User's Records, Records Notes, User Profile Notes and Attachments to the Master Profile. 

Now Select Merge, and your Records will be merged into one Master User Profile.