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Merging User Profiles

How to Merge Duplicate Users in A-Suite

If you have two profiles in your A-Suite system for one person, you are able to merge the two profiles together. You can merge user profiles in A-Suite in two ways: from the user's profile, button, or by using the side navigation menu.

User Profile Action

In the user's profile, you will see a badge indicating that there could be a duplicate user. This badge will appear if there are two or more users with the same email address. To merge the users, you can click the badge, or click the Actions button and choose "Merge With Other User(s)". A dialog box will open where you will perform the merge.

Navigation Menu

In the side navigation menu, hover over Tools > Merge Users. You have the option to merge your records by either social security number or email address.

To merge by email address, select Merge by Email

To merge by social security number, select the Merge by SSN.

When you click one of the two options, You will see a list of eligible profiles to be merged. Click each profile to be merged, or click "Select All" if this is the best option. Once you have made your selections, click "Merge Selected."

The Merge Users Dialog Box

Now that you have your profiles selected and ready to merge, you will choose the information from each profile that you would like to retain, laid out in the form of several check boxes.

At the top of the table, choose one profile as the master. This means that the profile you select will remain in A-Suite, while the other profile will be deleted.

Next, go down the list and choose the user data that you would like to keep. Again, the unselected data will be deleted once the merge is complete.

After you have made your selections, click "Merge." The two user profiles and all selected information will be merged into the one you have elected to keep.