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Reset Your Password

If you get to the login window and realize that you don’t remember your password, the first thing you will want to do is click on the “Forgot Password” lettering to the right of the “Password” field, as seen below:

You are now greeted with the screen where you will Request a password reset. Enter your email in the space provided then click on “Request Password Reset” at the bottom left as you will see below:

After entering your email address then clicking on “Request Password Reset” an email is sent to your inbox. The body of the email provides a button to “Reset Password” along with some direction on what to do, so be sure to read the entire email thoroughly!

Now that you have either clicked the “Reset Password” button OR copied the link to the proper browser; you are at the web page where you will choose your new password. Take a moment to come up with a secure password and enter it in the two fields as you see, then click on “Reset Password” which is highlighted in red here:

After choosing a new password and selecting “Reset Password”, as long as everything matched, you will be greeted with the following screen. Select “OK” to be taken back to the login page so that you can now log-in with your new password.