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Setting Up Email Templates

How to set up mass email Categories and Templates.

The Email Templates tool stores pre-filled email messages that can later be used to send one-to-one or mass messages to Users.

Here's how to set them up.

Setting Up Categories

Before you set up your Templates, you'll first want to configure your Categories, which is how you'll organize all of your email Templates

To edit your Categories, hover to Configuration, Email, Categories.

Category Examples

  • Application Emails
  • On-Boarding Emails 
  • Drug and Alcohol Emails

Setting Up Templates

Once your Categories are set up, you'll then hover back over to Configuration, Email, Templates.

To add create a new template, click the Add New Email Template button at the top of your screen.

Give your email a name, a description, a subject and according category.

Template Examples

  • Application Emails - Reminding a candidate to finish application process
  • On-Boarding - Inviting a candidate to an orientation
  • Drug and Alcohol - We'd like you to schedule your Drug and Alcohol screen

Now that you've named your Template, type in the email copy you wish to use for that specific email. Remember to keep this wording generic, as it could possibly be sent out to multiple Users at one time.

You can also utilize Personalization Tokens to pull a User's property in their email, like their first name or job title.

Once you're done, hover down to Save New Email Template and you're all set to use this Template for a mass email campaign.