Setting Up Job Application Visibility

Video Overview:

When setting up your recruiters in A-Suite, you will need to configure each recruiter's Job Application Visibility. This setting determines which applications each recruiters will see when they log in to their account.

This can be done two ways: from the Configuration Menu, or from a Recruiter's profile.

From the Configuration Menu

To start, hover over Configuration, Permissions, and then click Recruiting Visibility.


You will see a screen where you will first choose a user to assign job visibility settings. You can choose their name from the dropdown menu, or start typing their name in the text box. Once their name comes up, click it to continue.

In order for your employees to appear in the Recruiters dropdown menu, they must be a member of the group "Recruiters". Check their profile to see if they are in this group; if they are not, you can add them by editing their profile.

In Step 2, you can determine which applications your selected recruiter will see.

First, click "Add Visibility Entry" to bring up the selection menus.

If you want your recruiter to see all applications, simply leave all four fields blank and click "Save Application Visibility."

If you want to narrow the applications that this recruiter will see, click and select the Recruiters, Positions, Locations, or Regions whose applications you want the recruiter to manage or work on. When you have made your selections, click "Save Application Visibility."

Note that if you have not set Application Visibility settings, that recruiter will only see applications that have been assigned to them.

From a Recruiter's Profile

You can also set job application visibility directly from a user profile, as long as you, the changer, have the capability to set oversights in A-Suite.

From within the recruiter's profile, click the Actions button and choose "Manage Job Application Visibility".

From here, the same screen will appear as when you follow the process above.

(in the .gif above, the profile is not a recruiter; that's why you see the "No" symbol appear when hovering over the Manage Job Application Visibility choice)