Setting Up Job Application Visibility

Video Overview:

4.5_Setting Up Job Application Visibility

A task you'll need to do when setting up a Recruiter in your A-Suite account is enabling Job Application Visibility.

Hover over to the side navigation menu, down to Configuration, Rights, then Job Application Visibility.

Type in the name of your Recruiter and click on their name.

To set visibility to ALL applications, click Add Visibility Entry and leave all three columns blank and click save.

To drill down Application Visibility to specific Positions or Locations, select each of the areas you'd like changed by clicking the column and selecting your criteria they do the hiring for.

Once you've selected your Job Visibility Settings, click Save and you're good to go.

It's important to note that any Recruiter that does not have Job Application Visibility settings set up will, by default, only see the Applications that have been Assigned the him/her.