Gamification and Leader Boards

Gamification is an excellent feature to encourage, motivate and engage learners. It creates a point system and awards badges based on their activity. Learners can accumulate badges and points, move up levels and view their performance!

Section 1: Setup

To access and enable Gamification settings:

1. Select “Settings” from the Primary Navigation menu

2. Click into “My Portal” and then “Gamification”

  • It is recommended you customize your Gamification settings (Badges, Levels, Activities, and Leaderboards ) prior to enabling Gamification across your Portal. Once gamification is enabled, this will be live on your portal, and the “My Achievements” tab on the dashboard will be visible for your learners.

You can configure the settings to reward learners for their course achievements and the learning activities they complete in the portal. The badges that learners are awarded have point values, which accumulates to allow them to reach new “Levels” on your portal.

Once the Gamification feature in enabled, each learner will begin to receive the defaulted badges for "Daily Learning" for 5 points each day they complete a course. This can be edited or deleted in the Gamification Settings. (see above)

Section 2: Badges

There exist three set badge types within your portal.

These are:

  1. Learning badges - awarded to Learners on completion of a Course or Learning Path.
  2. Activity badges - awarded to Learners for completing specified activities.
  3. Level badges - awarded to Learners for accumulating specified points amounts.

All badges are customizable - after clicking into the badge, you edit the badge name, upload a new badge image, and specify a points value for the badge.

Adding a Badge to Courses:

Go to the “Courses” on your drop down dashboard. Select your first course to edit. Here you have access to the editing options. Once gamification has been enabled, you will see a new option has appeared called “Learning Badges” 

 By choosing this option, you can "Add Learning Badge" or "Create a New Badge" for this course.

Click on the "Add Learning Badge". A pop-up will appear that allows you to choose different options for that course. 

  • Badge Awarded
  • Achieve badge by score (Example: 80% or higher)
  • Achieve Badge by completion

If you choose to use the provided badges, each one is pre-set with point values. These can also be edited in the Gamification Settings under "Badges"

Once you SAVE, this badge will now be awarded to each Learner once they complete/pass this course.

Section 3: Leaderboard

Once Gamification is in play, the Leaderboard will be available to view on your home Dashboard screen.

The Leaderboard is designed to keep track of the points and badges achieved by learners through ranks.

From here you can each learners

  • Level reached (RED)
  • Number of points achieved (BLUE)
  • Number of badges achieved (GREEN)

 Each learner can also view the Leaderboard and their own achievements by choosing the "ACHIEVEMENTS" option on their main menu.

Good luck and let the games begin!