Manually Create a Lead, Candidate or Team Member

Manually creating a lead, candidate or team member.



To create a new lead, candidate or team member in A-Suite, click the "Create" button located at the top of the page and select the desired category. (A-Suite Reminder: A team member is a current employee within your company. A candidate is a potential team member, or someone who is in the application process with your company. A lead is a person who may at some point apply to your company and you are in contact with this person and wish to turn him or her into a candidate at some point in the near future.)

From there, a screen will appear where you'll be prompted to input the information on the person. See the screenshot for an example of the data you will be prompted to enter for a team member.


When entering a team member, you  will want to pay extra attention to the "Manager" "Groups" and "Job" and "Location" field. 

The "Manager," "Groups" and "Job" fields determine permissions and abilities that your Employees will be granted from within their accounts.

For Manager, simply select the manager that this person will report to.

Selecting the group will allow certain permission usage in their system, so it's important to select the correct group so they'll be able to complete tasks associated with that permission type.

For instance, an Employee in the group "Manager" will have different rights and permissions than that of someone in the "DOT Auditor" Group.

The Job is also important because this dictates which Records are required to maintain compliance within your system.

So if there are any compliance rules set in place for a specific Job type, those rules will automatically be put into place once the Team Member is created.

If you'd like to add your Employee as a manager, simply select the "Is Manager" check box here. This grants your Employee more responsibility and oversight in their account.

Fill out the remaining fields and then choose the option to send an optional Welcome Email, which allows the new Team Member to select a new password for their account.

See the screenshot for an example of the data you will be prompted to enter for a candidate.For a candidate, pay special attention to the opening to which he or she is applying, their referral source and their recruiter that you want listed for the person.  

See the screenshot for an example of the data you will be prompted to enter for a lead. 

You are inputing in the least amount of information when entering a lead, as a lead is not going to be actively engaged in the system until he or she become a candidate involved in the application process. Once you have completed the data entry, select "create lead" for that person to be formally entered in your system.