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Editing Individual User Rights

How to add and remove rights on an individual basis from a User's A-Suite account.

Within A-Suite, the administrator(s) determine user rights and permissions through the use of groups. Creating groups and assigning rights to the users placed in those groups is the best way to manage who can do what functions.

If you have a special circumstance where an individual needs an additional right or needs to have a right removed, you can also add/remove rights on an individual basis.

To do this, navigate to the user's profile whose rights you want to change. From the Actions menu, choose "Configure Rights".

A dialog box will open that shows you two columns: the left side is the Revoked/Available Rights column which shows what rights are available to be granted to the user. On the right side is the Granted/Group Rights column where will see what rights the user currently has.

When you first open this box, you will be greeted with a tutorial on how to use this tool.


To add a right to the user, click the Plus icon next to the right's name in the Revoked/Available Rights column. The right will be added to the Granted/Group Rights column and highlighted in yellow to indicate that it was granted on an individual basis.

To remove a right from the user, click the X button (or Minus button if it was granted individually).

When you click the X, the right will appear in the Revoked/Available Rights column and highlighted in red to indicate that it was revoked. However, when you click the Minus button, the right will move columns, but appear in white since it is seen by A-Suite as a previously special case, and thus it returns to "normal" group settings.

You can also search or filter rights by typing in the text input field above the columns.