The Actions Button

What actions can I perform by using the "Actions" button in an application workflow?


We've all seen it, but what can the "Actions" button in an application workflow help us with? 

If you click in that button, a drop down menu will appear, and you will be able to choose from the following functions: 

The View Timeline option will allow you to view the timeline of the applicant's entry into your system, along with a timestamp of major activities within the system. 

Change Position, and Change Location will allow you to change the applicant's position and or location within A-Suite. Note that if you opt for these changes, it may impact the applicant's workflow. A disclaimer as seen below will appear if you try to make these changes: 

Changing the Recruiter or Assignee will allow you to change the assigned applicant's recruiter within the system: 

From this Actions area, you are also able to Reject, Approve or Contingently Approve within the system. Rejecting will allow you to code a non-viable candidate appropriately so that he or she is no longer part of your candidacy base. The rejected candidate's data will still be available to you, only now, this person won't be clogging your recruiting dashboard! 


Approval will allow you officially "hire" within the system. This will allow you to turn a candidate into a team member automatically. This will help you to keep your recruiting dashboard up-to-date! 

Contingently Approve will allow you hire within the system, yet still make updates to a candidates workflow, to Approve at a later date. To view the Knowledge Base article on this action, click here:

Download PEV Consents is the last action you can take on this menu button, it allows you to download the PEV Consent forms for you candidate