UnSigning Form Requests

If you should need to un-sign one or more form requests and remove the signer, co-signer, or both, you can do so using a mass action. Navigate to the Form Request browser (Navigation Tool Bar > Browse > Form Requests). All of the current form requests will appear in a list, similar to the one below: 


Create a Task List by selecting the check mark icon at the top left of the page 


Red "x's" will appear by all of the names of the people who have been sent requests. "X" out the 

forms that you do not wish to un-sign. 

In the "Task List" menu, select "Unsign Form Requests."

In the dialog box that opens, there are two options: Unsign cosignatures only, which when selected will not remove the main signer's signature, and Send re-request emails, where you can notify the signers to re-sign the request.