Task List Mass Actions

How to perform mass actions within A-Suite

Task List Mass Actions bring the ability to send emails to multiple applicants, transfer multiple applicants to a new recruiter and/or assignee and the ability to reject multiple applications at once. These actions are accessed by clicking the new Convert To Task List button on either the Application Card View or Application List View. In the steps below we provide the steps to access these actions.

  1. To access this feature simply go to whichever Application view you prefer to use: List View or Card View. This feature is in the same spot on either view. It is highlighted by the red box in the image below. The action is an image of a box with a check mark in it.

    Application List View: Task List Mass Action Location

    Application Card View: Task List Mass Action Location
  2. To begin a Task List Mass Action, click on the icon, you will then see a little menu that opens up under the icon that notes Task List Actions. To the right of the text are the available actions.


  3. The first icon in the row is the Randomize List icon displayed by two arrows crossing one another. This action just randomizes the list. 


  4. The second icon is the Send Email icon which is denoted by an envelope.
    1. Clicking on the email icon will open a smaller menu in the middle of your screen which lets you know how many applications on the list and asks you if you are sure you want to email ALL of these people.

    2. Click Email All to proceed to the next window. This window displays all of the email addresses that the Mass Email will go to. If there are any that you DO NOT want the email to go to, simply click on the ‘x’ next to their name. If you remove someone by accident you can always add them back by clicking in the list and finding their email address again.

    3. The CC field notes that “CC is disabled when more than one recipient is selected”. The reason for this is so that an email loop isn't created which can cause issues that we will not get into in this document.
    4. The next fields are familiar as they allow you to select a template and compose a subject and body of the message. Once you have it reading how you wish, clicking send will email the recipients on the list.
  5.  The next icon in the list is the Transfer to Recruiter Mass Action.
    1. A little window will open in the middle of your screen. Select the recruiter from the drop down list then click on Transfer All to complete the transfer action.
  6. The fourth icon is the Change Assignee Mass Action.
    1. Clicking this icon opens a very similar small window. You select the assignee from the drop down list then click Transfer All to complete the transfer action.
  7. The final icon is the Reject Applications Mass Action.

    1. A similar window pops up, this time you are selecting the rejection reason for rejecting all of the applicants. Select your reason from the list of available reasons and click Reject All.