A-Suite's LMS Now Integrates with Zoom, Webex, Adobe Connect and More

How to integrate your Learning Management System

Virtual Driver Orientation

You asked for help to move orientation classes and defensive driving training online. While these requests came to us to mitigate spreading COVID-19, these changes are also going to make your orientation more effective.

Let’s be real, letting drivers drink from a firehose for 1-3 days isn’t the best way to learn. How many times do you have to repeat something that was “taught” during orientation? An effective orientation is not done in a few days, it's a process that’s a year long - there’s too much to learn about your company and your driving positions that a few days just don’t do it justice. 

The Virtual Classroom

Online meeting tools are great for sharing screens but sharing video causes lag. To help you to share screens during a presentation with high quality video and document attendance with a certificate, our Learning Management System now integrates with Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and Adobe Connect.

You can present your own video content and/or conduct the LLLC Driver Certification classes. This will allow you to host virtual classes with our LLLC classroom courses. Assign multiple students to one Instructor-Led Training course and auto-generate certificates of completion. 

Here’s how to connect your meeting platform to your LMS: https://share.vidyard.com/watch/dxdhes1fGHbo89YQuQg5f8


To complete this integration, please use one time URL: companyname.learnupon.com 

  • Example: avatarfleet.learnupon.com
  • Your company name will match your .lllcdriving URL

This action will need to be completed by the Admin user on your meeting software account. Note: Free accounts will not transfer attendance.

Here’s how you create the Instructor Led Training courses to track attendance and completion: https://support.avatarfleet.com/knowledge/the-a-fleet/ilt-instructor-lead-training

On Demand

Benefits, payroll, and customer service requirements are three examples of complicated topics that will never be mastered in an hour classroom session. Benefits in particular are a family decision and the information usually needs to be given to someone at home. Have your team member that used to deliver the same presentation every week put on a big smile on and record that presentation for the last time! Then your new drivers can share that presentation at home and schedule time to one on one to answer their specific questions - everyone’s time will be better spent. For your customer specific topics, you can make these courses available to watch immediately before delivering that load - this is just in time learning. It’s impossible to remember all the information you throw at a driver during orientation so stop setting them up to fail. Simply record those presentations and allow them review as many times as they need, when they need those courses. Send any .mp4 recording to support@avatarfleet.com and we’ll turn those presentations into courses.