Set Up Pixel Tracking In A-Suite Recruit

What is Pixel Tracking?

A tracking pixel is a small graphic that is placed into a website or an e-mail that is used to tell when a page is viewed or visited. It is practically invisible to the viewer, but when the pixel is loaded by the web browser, the fact that it has loaded is logged, which tells a web manager that a certain page was opened.

What Purpose Do Tracking Pixels Serve for A-Suite?

Just like how you can track where your applicants find your job posts within A-Suite, other job boards have tracking systems as well. These job boards like Facebook, JobsInTrucks, and Indeed use tracking pixels to know when a page is loaded.

How Do I Use Pixel Tracking In A-Suite?

To set up pixel tracking, navigate to "Configuration," "Recruiting," and click "Media Sources." You will see the list of referral sources that you have set up. You will see a column named "Tracking HTML", where each Media Source will have an entry of "- None -" or "In Use".

To add a tracking pixel, obtain the tracking HTML code from the job board. Copy it to your clipboard. Next, click the "- None -" entry, and paste the code into the dialog box that appears. When you are finished, click "Save," and the pixel is automatically enabled.