User Login To Complete Form Requests

Video Overview:

When employees or candidates receive a Form Request, they can click the link to the form without logging in for the first 72 hours after the request is made.

However, if they click the link after 72 hours, they are required to log in to their account in order to sign or submit items. If they have never logged in to their account or have forgotten their password, A-Suite can help them to log in using one of two options:

  1. Sending a one-time verification code to a user's mobile phone, or
  2. Sending a password reset link to a user's email address.

One-Time Authorization Via Mobile Phone

To send a verification code to a mobile phone, the user first needs to have a phone number marked "is mobile" to receive a text. If this is the case, they can click the button containing the desired phone number, which will send the verification code.

Once they receive the code, they must enter the code into the text field, and click "Log in using one-time code." Note that this action will not change the account's existing password.

Password Reset Link Via Email

To have a login link sent to the user's email account, they can click the "Send reset link" button below the email address input field. They will receive an email containing a hyperlink that allows them to change the account password.