Receive and Upload Images from Drivers

Here, you will learn how to recieve and upload images from drivers to update records in A-Suite Compliance Module.

1. To view SMS (Text) Messaging in A-Suite, make your way to the employee page. Here you will look toward the bottom of the column on the left hand side of the screen, below the employees information. You will see a few different options, we are currently focusing on the SMS option.

2. To view the thread, simply click on the “SMS” option and scroll down. Here you will be able to see messages that have been sent and received (if any have). This makes it very simple to keep track of communication all in our simple to use tool!

3. You’ll notice that all communication is time and date stamped along with the ability to view who sent the message. Also, the newest message appears at the TOP. So messages are sorted in DESCENDING order.