Editing a Workflow

I. How to Navigate to a Workflow 

II. How to Edit a Workflow


How to Navigate to a Workflow

To navigate to a workflow to begin editing, go to the following location: 

Navigation Toolbar > Configuration > Recruit > Positions and Openings 

This will take you to a page that looks like the image below: 

Select the position that you are looking to update by right clicking on the line item. 

This will open the properties editor. Scroll down to the Workflow Stages and right click to open to see the steps of the workflow. 

How to Edit a Workflow

Below are the steps of the workflow, which contain widgets, tasks and forms for candidates to complete. Below, there are 5 steps in the workflow > Qualification> Application> Screening> Interview> Onboarding

Each step can contain widgets, forms and or actions. You can right click and move widgets to different steps, or you can delete or add widgets. You can do the same for forms or actions. 

Please note that any changes you make will be reflected in new candidate workflows, in existing candidate workflows and in the workflows of team members who had workflows for the position in which you are updating. 

 You can use the following buttons to make additional edits: 

Add form will allow you add a form and select what step you want it to appear under. Add action will allow you add an action, such as file upload or send email and determine in what step you'd like it to appear. You also have the option to copy a workflow and make edits to the copy. See the article on copying a workflow.